July 15, 2006

another saturday......

All is boring in our house today. It's hot and humid and I have no desire to go outside in the heat. The boys are running around the house....basically have taken it over :lol: Scooby Doo is on and Riley is playing with his navy seal set he got at the dollar store. I went and had a family picture of us taken today over at olan mills. For $6 bucks and getting about 15 pics I couldn't pass up the price. The last time I have gone and had our picture taken, all three of us, was back in Dec 03. Riley wasn't even a year old! I am happy to report all went well......with the help of a bit of bribery to Riley with a promise of a trip to the dollar store if he behaved. It worked like a charm! I was very happy to walkout of the picture place only spending a extra $40 bucks but got a card to get a free 8x10 and & 7.99 sheets for the next year. There was a couple of really cool other poses I could have choosen but was good and passed. I really couldn't afford the ones I got but to Heck with it!!!

School starts for Jarod right around the corner which means school shopping is coming. I am not looking forward to it.....the idea of the money that will be needed is something I just don't want to have to think about. I am going to have to do it though because Jarod has grown so much that nothing fits him any more! I am thinking some extra over time hours are in the horizion

Well my lil' ninja is calling my name .....guess i better make like a banana and split..

see you soon ...........baboon ;o)

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