July 23, 2006

Playdough and Macaroni

I know I am such a sucker!!! I always say how much I am against play dough. Its not so much that I don't like it as the inevitable mess that is always left behind....and found several days later. Today the boys and I headed over to Wally World to get some school clothes for Jarod. One of the great things about boys at this age (7) the pretty much could care less what they wear so I still get to pick out stuff that I like. :o) Going to Walmart right smack in the middle of a Saturday afternoon...with no nap for Riley...the boys did great!!! Not a meltdown or fight in sight. I was sooo very pleased with there behavior! So while I was standing in line for layaway Riley heads to the playdough section that naturally is right there. He stood there just looking ...and yearning....for all the great playdough sets to be had. He came over with this cute lil dog set and was all ready to buy it. Well when it came my turn for layaway Riley walks up as proud as can be and sets his box on the counter. He then says he is going to pay for it....and pulls out and sets on the counter his money......all ONE Penny of it! OMG it was so sweet he was so proud of himself!! The lady at the register then bursts his bubble and tells him a penny is going to be enough! He immediatelly starts crying! I was so touched by him and his attmept at buying something with his own money! I mean how could I NOT let him have it! I was able to calm him down and tell him that we are going to take it up to the front of the store to buy it that way he could take it home today! Now thinking back on it I could have smacked that lady at the register. How can people be so cluess and thoughtless about things! Once in the car Riley naturalyl had to hold his box for the ride home....and then fell asleep with it on his lap. Dang it I should have took a picture of that too! :)

The boys and I before heading to Walmart stopped at the Mooresville Library . They just recently had a remodel of the building and wow what a difference. For being a small town we do have a great library! There is a new kids wing that is the bomb! There is an arts/crafts area, a fun reading area for smaller kids with cushioned books and such for kids to sit and lounge on while looking for books. Or if your my boys you jump down from one to another! Jarod was so cute and he went to the computer to look up a new Magic Treehouse book. He knew just what to do and then I showed him how to find the books on the know fiction vs. non fiction. I have to admit I kind of missed not looking up books by the lil' card files. Once I got him settled I headed back over to where Riley was playing...another great feature all sorts of interactive toys on the walls and tables for the kids. Next time I need to bring the camera! So while Riley was playing and Jarod was looking I sat on one of the books with the new issue of Creating Keepsakes. I think I am going to have to get that looks like a good one.

So where does the Macaroni come into play you ask??? Well here you go!!! Again...I am a sucker for a friendly face. Meet Macaroni...he is a stray that has "adopted" us. He started coming by a few weeks ago after what looks like a cat fight or something that went south. His eye didn't look nearly as good as it does now. He was rather skittish when he first started coming but now he is a sweet as can be. Jarod will go and feed the cats....Thomasina who's ours a real primadonna stuck up cat, along with Macaroni and another grey stray that we really don't care for...he likes to start trouble. After setting the food out for them Jarod will usually sit on the porch and pet Macaroni. I picked his name.....he is orange and Jarod favorite color is orange (secretly I have always wanted a orange cat!) and well the kids love mac n' cheese so Macaroni he became. Thomasina can be a real brat at times and will swat at him and fight over the food. We will shoo her away when she does this. She is such a mean snooty thing...and heaven forbid she shares...its not like her 15lb+ body could stand to miss a meal or two. Macaroni really is a sweet cat...but definately an outdoor cat..Lordy knows I have a house full already between 2 boys, 2 dogs and 1 indoor/outdoor cat Toby.


shirley said...

So cute to hear about your little one wanting to pay for it with his money!! Great time to teach him the value of money.

Poor macaroni!! Hope he heals quickly.

Christina said...

Girl you would adopt a racoon if it asked you to. LOL! And how cute about Riley, I can just see him going right up there and setting the penny down. thing. Drew is six and has to have a say in EVERYTHING her wears......(insert rolling eyes here) LOL!