July 6, 2006

There is a fungus amougus....

At least that is how I feel!! Yuck!!! Sunday I started getting what I now know is prickly heat! I thought it was just a heat rash at first...but not the case since I still have it!! Turns out is prickly heat...difference being the heat rash will go away in a day or so not prickly heat! Yuck! It started on the front of my neck and then progressed to my arm and the back of my neck. So here I am almost 5 days later with these lovely marks to show for it. I have to say the itching is the worse!!!Rates up there with poision ivy/oak. This is from the lovely Indiana humidity and heat...gotta love it! My necks is on the healing arm is almost pass the itchier than heck stage but still has that horrible bumpy....looks like you have bugs under the skin or something phase. I just want that phase to be gone because it is grossing me out to know end!!

On a brighter note....I took my camera with me to the 4th of July fireworks they had over in town. I decide to try my camera out on the "firework" setting. I was really surprised at how good they turned out for having no flash! I have to say this lil' $200 camera (canon A520) has been well worth the money and has definatley lived up to my expectations. I would loooooove to one day have a rebel but unless I find me a rich sugar daddy or win the lottery I just don't see it in my future anytime soon.
Friday night I decided to organize my scrapspace. I purged and had a bunch of stuff I wasn't going to use. Instead I put it in a pile and let the boys go at it! They love taking my paper trimmer and just cut paper. Keeps them busy and makes a decent mess in the process ;o)


Amy said...

Wow, that prickly heat rash looks miserable :( The fireworks pics look great, you've gotten some awesome pics with that camera!

Anonymous said...

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