November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!

What a great day we had today! I love spending the day with family and having that special time together especially on holidays. While some may think boring to me it just shows you don't need a big amount of hoopla to have great memories and quality time together. Jarod and I battled Grandma and Matt ("Uncle Matt" that is ;) ) on a couple of games. We played scattergories and then pictionary. After a few rounds of Scattergories and categories like Cars...that start with the letter G we decided to play pictionary. Now that was fun!!!! Jarod turned out to be a great lil' player and not to shabby for a first time. We all shared a good amount of laughter at our drawings. Riley sat on the floor nearby and played battleship with himself. Grandpa was working on the turkey and then was watching some football. Dinner was great as was the dessert! When we got home Riley got his PJ's on and fell asleep on the couch after about 10 mins. Even with the challenges I have in my life I feel sooo blessed to have such a loving and caring family! I love sharing these times together and making memories. I have plans to do something holiday inspired at least once a week between now and Christmas.

I also was thankful for a great hair day and this great picture of Jarod and I! Its nice to have our picture taken once in awhile by someone other than me holding the camera out in front of us :)

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kat said...

what a great picture and your hair looks FAB!