December 22, 2007


I discovered something last night.....Macaroni is not a boy...uh more like a girl! This is what I get for taking the word of an eight year old that was given the information from a neighbor with kittens that needed homes. So for the past several months this poor girl has had a case of mistaken identity. I now need to serious get her to the vet before spring and we find ourself with little Macaroni's running around. I don't think our poor house could take it! The Christmas tree, decorations and shoot even us and Max have found ourself taking the brunt of this little troublemaker! But honestly with a face this can you stay mad for too long! :)

Lesson I learned today......Always double check kittens ;)
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:: gingerkitty :: said...

Oh MY blonde/orange girls are rare.

She's a cutie! A super cutie.

Don't worry the same thing happened to me so my poor baby girl had a French boy's name Etienne.