January 13, 2008

Crazy week I'll say!!!

I finally got around to getting my haircut!! I changed the style and I love it. So nice to just dry it and not have to mess with the flat iron everyday. Having about 4-5" cut off really cuts done on the time spent fixing my hair. It's so full of bounce and body really lifts my spirits and I need that.
Riley however didn't have such a great week. Tuesday I get a call that he has been hurt. Turns out another little boy had climbed up on something and just as the teachers we going to him to get down he decided to jump. Only problem is that one of his feet landed on the back of Rileys head. He just so happened to be playing with his face to the ground and was laying low. The boy landed on him and Riley went face first into the linoleum ground! Bloody nose and lip soon followed. Ice and a few minutes later Riley was up and raring to go. Nothing slows this kid down for long and he really is one TOUGH cookie when it comes to getting hurt. Not much slows him down. When I got him I could tell that he had a broken nose. :( My poor lil' guy...he looked like he went rounds with Rocky Balboa! Today it looks a LOT it has some lovely shades of yellow, green and brown. He had a nasty brusing on the inside of his upper lip as well, not to mention he tore that flap of skin that goes from your gum to your lip. All I can OUCH! He has never complained about it. Rather he has gone around showing off his battle wounds. Such a trooper.
Sometime between Thursday night and Friday I lost my ATM card. UGH what a pain that is! You don't realize how much you rely and use the darn thing until you don't have it! I actually had to go inside the bank and withdrawl cash! That was a first in a very long time!!
Jarod brought home a AWESOME report card!! All A's and only one B(and a plus at music even ;o) ) on his semester report card! Also included was his test scores for the ISTEP testing they did a few months back. These are the tests the states puts out to see where the kids are at academically. Well...lets just say Jarod totally "RAWKED!!!!" He scored high!! Even above the "above average " rating. Passing was a 420 on one test....Jarod....a mere 615! He is such a smart kid!! I hope he continues down this road and really finds something he is passionate about when he gets to be older and totally suceeds with it!!
Today the boys and I went to church. It was a rather ugly dreary day outside. Steady drizzle of rain and a sky full of grey clouds. I seriously thought of skipping church and just stay bunkered down in the house and spend the day in our jammies. I was thinking of crafting/creating and let the boys have control of the tv. Maybe a Wii game or two. But I gathered all of us up and headed to church and then to the Grandfolks house. We even did a trip to Sam's Club where I found a great little planner to carry. It's the perfect size and has just what I have been looking part...the price..a mere $6.88!! Score!

I found my verse for the Scripture Challenge I am doing over at Faith Sisters that was suggest by Patter on a post she did at Willow Traders. I found my verse for the I feel good that I was able to find one that spoke to me at this point in time.
"Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on a tablet in your heart" Proverbs 3:3
Tomorrow I will create a lil' card/layout for me to keep them all in. I hope by the end of the year to have 52 verses to reflect on.

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