January 6, 2008

Disapointment...and then good stuff

I think yesterday my vote for mom of the year was withdrawn by Jarod. He had a full day and I said no. I know this is soo cruel!! I said no to staying longer and playing video games with his "big brother". I am soooo mean! It's just that I had been running around all day with errands and being taxi driver for him. For him to stay I would have had to drive back home and then come and get him later that night (it's only 15-20 mins each way) It was already after 5 and I had been going all dayrunning errands, picking him up at the friends he spend the night at. I knew he was getting tired from being up late the night before. When I said no ....the silent treatment and disapointment started. He started crying I know he really wanted to stay. Had our day been different I would have no problem with him staying. His big brother I know felt bad (he is such a great big brother too!). I felt like such a big fat meanie!! I could have said ok....but well I didn't want to condone this behavior. Jarod normally is such a good kid but even good kids are allowed to be disappointed and not like their mom's. We suggested that next weekend they could get together for a longer time and we could plan for it....still wasn't winning him over.
Somedays its frustrating as a parent. This is a no win situation. You want your kids to be kind and understanding. Appreciate what's done for them. I know at 8.5 this is not a reality but still seeing the tears and then getting the silent treatment. It's not like I didn't do anything for him that day. I thought I had done some good things...things to make me a cool mom. But at that moment I wasn't none of the other stuff mattered only that I said no. And so the ride home was filled with silence and more tears. Maybe one day I will get a Thanks.....most likely when he has kids of his own and goes thru
the same thing.

Onto the good stuff....I must be getting old. Yes....I admit it I like split pea soup. I always have. Lately I have been all about trying new things cooking wise. I make the stuff and hope that perhaps I might entice a few boys to try something new. Broaden their culinary horizons and take a taste. So yesterday I thought making some split pea soup would be yummy. Heck if they don't eat it....I will. It will be good to take for lunch. I was suprised at how easy this stuff is to make. You really don't have to be Martha Stewart to make it. I started cooking it in the crock pot but then switched to the stove because it wasn't getting thick like split pea should. I think I was just not giving it the time it needed. After a bit it lost that chicken broth with peas and carrots look and began to transform into yummy homemade split pea soup. So guess what I had for lunch....and dinner ;) I think it's even good for me and not filled with too many calories. Thats the nice thing about making it know exactly what goes into it. I wonder what I should try next.....any suggestions?
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