February 2, 2008


pages!! Thats how much Jarod has read since Sept to Jan 29 when he came over to tell me "Mom I finished"....What did he finish???? Book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I am so impressed and amazed that he has read all SEVEN of these books in such a short time...especially for being only 8! It just warms my heart to known that Jarod has a love for reading like I did as a child. I have always felt that reading was important, it takes you faraway places and teaches your new and exciting things each and every time you open a book. But not only reading this much but the fact that he comprehends and retains so much of the information is another accomplishment in itself. He got the big grin on his face when I came into his room with the stack of the books and told him to smile because I wanted a picture of it.

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