April 3, 2008

Spring 4

Yesterday we hit the Children Museum in Indianapolis. I couldn't get over how big the kids have gotten since we were there last. Riley was almost 2 and he is already 5. We had a great time. The boys really enjoyed themselves. I have learned that this was a good week to go. The other 2 time we went were CRAZY!!! Never go on Martin Luther King day when it's free to get in and never go over winter break....both times were PACKED and kids were running around everywhere! I think parents were like RUN be free!! This was much more enjoyable. The boys had a great time. I loved looking at the awesome glass sculpture that was made for their. It was gorgeous underneath it where you were able to lay down and look up at it. The sun was out yesterday so that was a definate plus.
Today the weather is icky we are supposed to get more rain!!! It's rained most of the week so it has limited our activities. We are all beginning to wear on each others nerves. I have to say it's kind of sucked not being able to do much this week. I have to pay the lovely state of Indiana on taxes so there went our fun money for this week. I think when the rebate checks come I am going to splurge and we are going to take a trip to Chicago and go to the aquarium there. They have an amazing aquarium!! It's not cheap but I can get a pass that will get us into a few other must see places so I am just going to do it! We have never really had a vacation so we NEED one!! The boys need memories other than us staying home on vacations!

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