May 10, 2008

Soccer...week 3

I know it's going to seem like I take a lot of pics
of Rileys team...yeah I do ;) but as it would turn
out this season the boys always have at least
one out of the 2 games on Saturday that they
play at the same time. Soooo being the good soccer
mom I am I try and get shots of both. I have to admit
though ....the younger ones are just sooo gosh darn
cute when they play! ;)

Here the boys do some warming up practicing
against the concession stand wall waiting for
their games to start.

I glanced over this way while watching both boys
playing and saw these two girls. They looked like
they were having just sooo much fun in the dandelions
I just wish I had a bit more time to focus better.

Riley checks out his pokemon cards while Jarod
and his team play.

Kennedy is the diva of Rileys team. Shes a great player!
Between her and Riley we get a lot of goals scored.
This was right after she scored. I had to crack up because
when she saw me near the goal with my camera ready to
take what I thought would be a "natural" photo she
stopped and posed for me! Such a cutie!

Orion checks to see what he might be hiding in his

Riley is posed and ready for the kick off

Run...boys...Run :)

I was thrilled when I discovered this shot I got of Jarod...Yes
thats the ball he is kicking up there by the flag! I got another total
action shot! ...whoo hee for me!

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