September 1, 2008


One of the things that makes me happy is the fact that we live not 3o minutes (if even that!) from downtown. I love going downtown. It not the bustling metropolis of say Chicago or New York...or even San Francisco for that matter. Instead it is the blending of the old and the new.

New...take our new home of the Indianapolis Colts!! Talk about a nice stadium!!! The roof is automatic so that it can open when the weather is nice. It has been really fun to watch this being built over the last 2yrs or so! I wonder if we will ever get to see the inside.

Anywhoo, today was a gorgeous day...the end of the summer season. We headed downtown so Jarod could meet up with his big brother...of the big brother/big sister variety ;) He live in a apartment right down this street. Its the smallest building on the left. Can you imagine!!! Color me green with envy!

Here are some shots from Monument Circle. During the winter the water is gone because of the freezing temps. I love workmanship that went into creating this. It's not just something you see every day. During the holidays they string lights all up along the sides of the monument to make a HUGE christmas tree. There is a big party downtown for this...with crowds in the 90-100,000's!!!! We sort of have started a tradition of heading out to the circle for on Christmas Eve. It really is the perfect time to go. You still get to see the beauty of the decoration and the cold winter nights but you also don't have to deal with the crowds. I really don't do well with huge crowds of people when I have the boys in tow. It just can be overwhelming trying to keep tabs on them among the hoards of people. It's one of the things where the numbers are not in my favor. This basically is coming up the street from the other side of the Capitol. Acutally I think.....the apartment entrace is just on the right maybe a bit behind. I was sneaking this picture while I was "double parked!

Another favorite place of mine is...Borders Books. I mean look at it! Doesn't it look like THE perfect bookstore. I love the warm coziness of it!

But alas....the time has come for me to go fetch my oldest child and head back to our small town. Where swimming at Grandma awaits along with a super yummy chicken dinner grandpa makes on the grill...that man can make a mean chicken!! His ribs are to die for!!!


stacy said...

I love your city photos! That Borders store looks so fun and cozy!

Michelle said...

great photos Heather!