May 10, 2009

the end of that is

here they are ...having their last practice on thursday. later on they scrimmaged against the under 13 team. you could definitely see the difference in play between the 2 teams at first. the older players played a much faster more aggressive game. kudos to our team they soon got up to speed and gave them a run for their money. my #5 scored a goal against them...the score 2-1 before the coaches called time.

and I finally catch on film (barely!) one of several goals he made this season....7 or was it 8 overall. This was from last weeks game. I forgot the camera today! I know..the nerve! he made another totally awesome shot today too. went for it....and it went up and over the goal keeper just barely out of the reach of his outstretched hands.
he really has come into his own...he has worked hard at developing the speed and footwork needed to play. he was bummed that the season was coming to an end, in the same breath he asked "when do we start for summer?"....i am glad to have a bit of a breather...we don't start up again until mid july.
love the light that was shining in on this lil' guy. really loved how his room turned out. still need to work on the trim...maybe next weekend. just today we pulled a few boxes from his closet that we hid there while we painted. he was excited to rediscover them again. color and drawing has been his thing. i love see his little works of art and the details he puts into them.

i played today too...i am learning lots of new things over at the great class i am taking over at Got Crafts?... Eye for Design taught by Christy Tomlinson. I had been wanting to take a class to teach me some design principles to apply to my pages and maybe even into home decor. I only a few days into it and it is really having me look at things in a new light. I am lovin' it. Go check it out...
Eye for Design

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