July 3, 2009

Long time no post

Gosh the last few weeks have been a flurry of activities. Work has been beyond busy with the holiday and month end in the same week. Jarod had soccer tryouts this week. He decided to tryout for a new team in his current club. We find out hopefully today or this weekend if he made it. If not he will continue playing "up" on the team he played last season for. Even though this new team is his age level after speaking with the coaches it sounds like it will be much more training and learning which is what he wanted. The coach even used the term "premiere" team...sounds a bit impressive ;) I have decided to start working on getting healthier. I went and joined back at sparkspeople. I made the choice to step away from all the time I spent reading and following scrapbook sites and focus on healthier options. Healthier for my body, mind and wallet. The tracking really helps a great deal! I am finding I am definitely thinking twice about the food I am putting in my mouth and asking if I need it for nutrition or am I eating just for the sake of stuffing my face. Looking at calories and labels are a eye opener thats for sure! I tell you...once I look at the calories of something before I eat it I stop and ponder if it is worth eating. Also decided to take advantage of the Wii and play outdoor adventure for a workout! I am thinking of heading to Walmart for a stability ball to get next! Photobucket

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