August 5, 2009

Let the vacation begin!!!!

It's official! Today is the start of my much needed vacation or staycation as I am calling it since we are not going any place special except for a overnight trip to Holiday World. The boys are thrilled about it. We have had crazy weather this summer so I am just crossing my fingers we get nice warm weather so we can enjoy the water park side along with the rides.
Thought I would make a list of things to do for today....

Take Jarod to his summer school class. Day 3 and he is really having fun. Tomorrow I make the lunch and help in the classroom a bit possibly.

Coffee!! I want to go someplace and have a good cup. I think possibly Starbucks is in order. Riley and I might head over here or Dunkin Donuts while Jarod is in class.

Dentist..Both boys getting a much needed cleaning.I love when I can get them both done at the same time!

Walmart...oil change, milk and cat litter. Need to make a point to not add extra items to the cart!

Get Jarod after class.

Soccer practice in the evening...that is if the fields are not too waterlogged from the storm that came thru yesterday...and left me this little reminder.

Rest of the day will go according to plan...whatever that might be at the time ;) Photobucket

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