September 20, 2009

Scenes from a Saturday.....

Start the day chillin' with Macaroni before soccer
After a hard fought game where the team FINALLY scored a goal. Even though we lost it is the little things that count. We head to Greenwood Mall to go by Dick's Sporting Good to look for goalie gloves. No luck there :( Riley and I had a yummy lunch at Quedoba's, Jarod wanted nothing to do with it. Kid was missing out! Afterwards we head next door to ColdStone Creamery. Where naturally he is hungry for that (smart kid!)

Enough with the pictures already!! Even though he doesn't tell me this the face says it all!

On the drive home we get a visit by Darth Riley. I about busted a gut laughing at this goofball. I swear where does this kid come up with this stuff!!

And so we end the day like this....This is our house on Soccer.... Sad but true, during the soccer season a cleaned house is really not a reality! We don't mind too much. We are outside enjoying the weather and being together. Having fun as a family...who really needs a clean house when you got that :)
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