March 23, 2010


That's what the last few weeks have been.. a blur, a flurry of activities mostly involving running around doing mom things.
This kid...turned 11 (here is competing at the Purdue Math bowl competition. The school team placed 3rd!)

 Where does the time go! He is turning into a teenager in just a few years..I don't
 know if I am quite ready for that. I have to admit right now...I am feeling good that he is heading down the right course. He makes some great decisions and is a responsible caring kid that with as much as he loves to annoy his brother looks out for him. He is involved in several activities at school, yearbook, chess club, math bowl team, young astronaut club. He is becoming pretty well known around campus. Even with all this he is still the same down to earth kid that loves soccer, video games, friends and hopefully his family ;)

Then the big event came last Tuesday night....the Science Fair. The entire 5th grade class has been working on this for the last several months. There has been lots of assignments and research done in order to get there presentations and experiments completed. Tuesday night was the big finale...presenting to the judges. He has put a lot of hard work into his project. Lots of research and work completing all the various tasks needed for this big night. I was the "photographer" of the project. He really impressed me when he came home with this slides he wanted to put on his presentation board that he had type up with powerpoint....POWERPOINT! I was amazed by that...the kid does this on a regular basis, who would have thought!  The parents had to leave the kids with there projects so that they could present them to the judges. We were not allowed back to where they were at until about a a hour later. Parents could then come support their child while the judges added up the scores and tallied the results. A few minutes later the awards were presented. First there was the honorable mentions, 4th place, 3rd places....2nd place. By this point I was praying...please let him get something. The kid extracted DNA from fruit for heavens sake! Again...he amazed me the day he came home and told me what his project was going to be. It was finally down to the first place winners.....
He did it!!! HE WON FIRST PLACE!!! 
Out of a total of 95 kids he and 4 other kids placed in first!! I was soooo proud of him! He really put a lot of time, work and effort into this project and it showed. He did a fantastic job presenting his project and really learned a lot. Some days I wonder if he is headed to a future with some kind of science background. With his love of math and then seeing him really interested in the science behind this project it makes me wonder. If you were to ask him though...he would say he wants to be a soccer player first :) That being said, we have started spring outdoor training, and I have the allergies kicking my but to prove it ;)

We also went the Indiana Ice game for Jarod birthday. He brought along 2 friends along with Riley. Gosh there was lots more that's happened but this is the cliff notes version for now :)

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