March 11, 2006

Another season of basketball is gone

Another season of Upwards Basketball is over for Jarod. He has learned so much from this league and I feel so very blessed to have been able to get him involved with it. He has learned and is still learning that winning is not the most important thing to the game. Going out having fun and enjoy yourself, respecting other players and helping those that need it are goals that Upward promotes. Everyone is a winner!!! Jarod really has captured that message. It has been so cool to see him gain confidence and skills in the last two years he has played. Today he was "making the moves" on the opposing team and sticking like glue to those that he was defending. Most importantly he was always willing to hand the ball over to one of his teammates so that they too could have there moment to shine. After each game and pratice the coach gives each player a star for speical recongiztion. Today Jarod got "most christ like". He was so very excited to have this lil' star. To him it is the best one you can get. He told me about this player on the other team that was crying because he was not getting the ball. He said "So mom I prayed to Jesus to be with him and help him get the ball". OMG I was so proud of my boy!! He is such a warm and giving kid. Mind you he has his moments but his heart is always in the right spot!

After the game Riley went home with Grandma KK so that Jarod and I could get over to Big O tires to get the tire fixed. Just as I expected the place was PACKED!! But what do you expect in a small town on a Saturday. I decided to just hold off and go in first thing Monday morning when hopefully there wasn't a crowed. After going back and getting Riley and then a stop along the way for a Wendy's frosty...YUM! We went home. As I was getting the boys unloaded out of the car I could hear the air coming out the tire!! Ugh....So I loaded them back in and was going to head back over to Big O's and get the tire taken care of..Was NOT looking forward to that!!! Riley was already having his meltdown moments. Just as we were pulling off on to highway I looked across the street to notice a tire place!!! We are talking literally 3 blocks from the house!!! I pass this thing everyday and it never even occured to me! Yipppeeee! This great man came out and fixed the tire in 5mins flat! I love when a plan comes together :o)

Sloth mode then set in. Jarod played games on the new computer (ahhhhh new computer heaven!!!) Riley was taking a nap and I snoozed on the new couch. Perfect way to spend a wet and stormy Saturday afternoon!!! Now that I am a bit rested ;) I think a trip to Starbucks might be in order!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! :) Posted by Picasa

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Sarah said...

Oh Heather! What wonderful recognition for Jarod! he certainly deserves it. You are bringing up two wonderful, centered, loving little boys. They are going to be terrific men, and you are going to have two very grateful DILs in the future!!

you are a fantastic mom. I'm looking forward to reading your adventures!