March 11, 2006

What a goof!!!

Riley is such a goof!! He's just "hanging" out during Jarods game. I have to say it was a battle of the wills during the game. With as cute as this lil' bugger is he sure is STUBBORN!! He ran out to the middle of the court durning half time while someone was giving a testimonial. I just about died. Dirty looks and waving my hand for him to come to me did no good at all. Someone even wanted me to go and get him. I knew that if I was to get up and try and go get him he would have then ran from me laughing the entire time thinking it was a game. Needless to say I finally convinced him to leave center court.....and he didn't not like the view I had him see....he got his cute lil' butt put right into a corner on time out. I always feel sooo wierd discplining him at church. I always wonder what people must think of me!! With Riley though you give the kid even so much as an inch he runs full speed ahead...for like 10 miles! Posted by Picasa


shirley said...

Perfect photo!! Seems to capture the spirit of Riley!! Sounds like you have your hands full but oh, I can relate! My little "angel" is almost 14!

Catherine said...

Great picture!! I'm right there with you with two rascally boys! They can be so trying, but then you see them looking like this picture, and your heart melts!

Jessica said...

don't you just love that you are able to catch these goofy moments of your kids??? they are so fun!!! great shot mom!