March 25, 2006

DINOS & Tires....

Typical boy fashion Riley LOVES dinos!!!
Today was supposed to be a day that I would get to go and have a hour or so of "me" time. I needed to get my hair cut and my color touched up cause the greys were a'showin! I needed to get the darn screw in my tire taken care of first! No sooner did I get the last screw fixed then I went and got another one!!! Who knows maybe I had the both at the same time and didn't know it! All I know is what a pain to have to deal with! I have been supppper busy at work and then with the boys that I haven't been able to get to the tire place in time to get it fixed. So today I made that my first stop of the day. Then I planned to get the sitter and go get my hair done. Well wouldn't you know it.....the plug wouldn't work in the tire so I was then left with having to buy new tires! So much for getting my hair done!

After cancelling the sitter and hair appt I was brave and headed to Super Walmart with 2 boys in tow on a crowded Saturday afternoon of grocery shopping. Why do I do this??? I never end up getting the stuff we really need just a bunch of stuff that is tossed into the cart while trying to keep two boys from bickering with each other or battling the indepence of a 3 yr old "I am going to walk"...all thru the store which you know means ....meandering! Headed to the toy section and added a new dino to the collection. Riley got this totally cool fisher price Imaginex T Rex Dino Mountain set along with dinos. We have been adding a new dino every now and again. Both of them can spend hours playing with this. I love listening to them make up stories and act out the parts of the dinos....complete with cavemen.

Jarod has a friend coming over in a bit to spend the night....should be interesting and fun to say the least! His room is already a mess so whats another boy added to the mix to liven things up a bit! More testosterone in the house! I am always out numbered in that dept :o)

Well ....looks like Blogger is going to be nice and let me post pics. I will be back to add a few more the ones from last Sat from Jarods party and Shirleys Sat Blog challenge! Posted by Picasa

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