March 22, 2006


Spring arrived in true Indiana fashion....with a snow storm that dropped about 4" of snow in a matter of hours! I woke up a few time during the night checking out the window to see if it had come yet. There was talk the day before of the storm coming. It finally started around 4am or so and I was happy to see it wasn't nearly as bad as the storm that came the first part of Decemeber. That was a driving experience I don't want to do any time soon. Seeing as though this is my 4th winter here I think I have managed to do fairly well driving in snow. That storm in Dec was just plain ugly!!! It dropped about 6 inches in just a few hours....RUSH hour no less! My normal 25min drive took 1.5hr that day. Yesterday I decided to wait and leave for work about 30mins later than normal. It was still really dark when it was my normal time to leave. Having the kids with me I wanted to play it safe than sorry! Today though the sun was shining and it reached to a whopping 40degrees...whoo hoo! Most of the snow has much for making a snow man.

The boys are both still sick. They have gotten over the fever but now have a really nice pesky cough that bothers them right around bed time and then a bit in the night. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if he wants me to just continue giving them the dimatapp DM...hopefully the authorities won't come knocking on my door for buying too many bottles. Since both boys are taking it a 4oz bottle doesn't last long ...and then I keep some at the sitters. Here in IN you have to give your drivers lic# and get it from behind the pharmacy counter because of all the idiots that steal and hoard the stuff to make meth with it! Times like these I wonder just what is wrong with people that have to do crap like this!!! I don't mind having to fill the paperwork out and stuff when I need to get the me it is worth it.

I am supposed to write about Music and what it means to me for Amy's Blog challenge.....Well lets taste in music is very ecletic I love a variety of various music from all different genres from big band, frank sinatra/ micheal buble, top 40 stuff, rock, some more punk like Green Day back in there beginnger days but love the current stuff! Music really reflects my mood. I love upbeat songs that get me dancing...or pretending to in my car! I love singing along with the radio espeically when I know the words really singing Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun....I just love this song! It always lifts my spirts and gets me to moving around. I don't really listen to the music to hear the message it is trying to least not a first. Eventually I get it ....ususally when I finally break down and try and learn the lyrics...what they REALLY are not what I "thought" they were. I am terrible at knowing the names of the bangs/signer or even the songs. I "know" them from the sound of them and they way the songs go. I won't tell you the number of times I have called my little sister and started singing or humming a song to her so she could tell me the name of the song and artist. Bethany is a true music guru.....she knows way more of the songs and artist than I ever will. She is my little Dick Clark :)

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Radona said...

that is so funny that you hum the music to your sis! lol good way to get the music though!