April 11, 2006

10 Things About Me.....

1. In high school I hosted a foreign exchange student from France. He stayed with us for 3 weeks, but I never went to France....instead I decided to stay home with my newly aquired boyfriend...can you say STUPID!

2. I love the smells of a farm.

3. I have to be able to see where I am going. I hate being in a car and not seeing whats ahead.

4. I have chomper toes...I can pick up and grab things with them. I used to love pinching my little sister legs with them.

5. Rumor has it from my mom that my dad wanted to name me Naomi.....note to self...ask Dad about this?

6.I love being left handed...but hate how many things are "right handed" most righties don't realize just how much is catered to the right handed person.

7. I can use the mouse (i mouse with my right hand) and take notes at the same time....a perk of being left handed ;)

8. I love controlled chaos at work...loving multi tasking and doing 5 things at once but like things to go according to plan and in control at home.

9. I HATE MOVING!!!! I think all the 10 plus (at least!) moves growing up has something to do with it.

10. My dream job when I was a kid was to be a vet and work at a race track or be a country vet a la James Herriott. I would still like to do this!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Chomper toes!!! ROFL! OMG you and my DH could be in a toe war!! I always tease him that if he lost his arms he's be just fine!!! his toes are like fingers! LOL!

You should have gone to FRANCE! OMG!