April 8, 2006

Nothing beats a bath and a new collar

Well look who we have here...none other than the infamous $noopy dog! Last night he decided to go for one of his infamous strolls and came back stinking to high heaven! I don't know where he ends up ....and I think it might be better that way...but he comes back smelling of a wet poopie cow that is sticky and wet!!! Needless to say he knew he was in trouble and was banned to the garage to spend the night. No comfy cozy bed for him, besides Jarod spent the night at a friends house so he wouldn't have had to share the bed even. One the way back from picking up Jarod at his friends house we stopped at the Orchard Country Store to get Snoopy a new collar and leash. I just love this place! I love the idea that it is a family run store and that we are supporting a local business rather than a big chain. The people are so friendly and very helpful. We ended up getting the spoiled pooch not only a new collar and leash but a new name tag, what looks to be a cow hoof (don't ask!!! but dogs love them) and Riley even grabbed a dog biscut too. What a life this dog has!! The boys and I always have fun wandering around there. They had chicks too!! We have been trying to convince Grandma to get more chickens but so far no luck. The chicks are too cute...too bad we didn't have some place to keep them. In the dog treat aisle we pondered what to get Snoopy. Jarod and I had fun trying on the pig snouts....yes they have dried up pig snouts for dogs to chew and eat...and get this ...they smell like.....BACON! ...hee hee.

When we got home I let Snoopy into the house....only to sneak him into the bathroom for a bath! Nothing beats a clean dog on a Saturday afternoon! :) The boys played a bit outside and enjoyed the spring time weather we were having and I did cleaning and stuff around the house. Finally got my lil' table to scrap at. I decided the heck with it and set it up in the living room. Granted our house isn't very big but I needed someplace to do my scrapbooking at since working at the small kitchen table wasn't cutting it anymore. I am going to see how it goes in the living room. I might end up moving it to my bedroom so it doesn't seem like it is taking over the living room. I really like the way I am getting it set up I am just not sure about it being right smack in the living room. Love having it near the window though. Also not sure if I want it so "out there" for all to see just what I have and question exactly how much money do I spend on this hobby! I guess that will definatley motivate me though to use it more!

Got my hair cut and color today too....Still deciding if I did the right thing or not with both the color and cut. Tomorrow I will have a better idea when I get to style it myself. I am a bit annoyed with what I was charged though.....I was told one price when I called and asked about it....then when I had it done...turned out to be $20 more!! for what I don't know. But what are you to do at that point tell them no take the color back! I did decide though that I will do the touch ups myself because I can't afford to pay that much money every few weeks....and I do need to have it done! I cannot believe how much grey I have in my part area and near my forehead on one side more than the other...I am not ready to have that much I don't feel that old...I will blame it on the kids and my boss for giving me so much :D
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Laura said...

Cute pic!!! Sounds like you had a good Saturday!

Radona said...

cute pup! he just wants to sniff it all! sounds like a busy saturday. my scrap space is all out for everyone to see too!

shirley said...

OMGosh! Is this the Snoopy much chatted about back in the days before WT?? What an amazing family Snoopy is lucky to have!! My dogs do the same thing running around and coming back stinking...One time it was skunk!!! A freash bathed dog is always better!!