April 3, 2006

Can't live without.....

So Ms Amy has challenged us to name something things we can't live without.......Soooo here it goes! ;o)

1. My boys....naturally! With as much as Riley challenges me on a daily basis I can't imagine life without him. Jarod is just so much of a mini me it's not even funny! He is my saving grace. He is the smooth and steady one...he helps me keep my hair from going completely gray or torn out by the roots :o)
2. ...and shall I say coffee...ok heck lets just face it I need the caffine..Caffine is my drug of choice. It's was keeps me going it gives me the buzz in the morning to get me kicked started. Keeps me going in the afternoon so my head doesn't hit the keyboard and keeps me up at night chatting with my friends :o)
3. My glasses....I have tried contacts years ago and well my eyes just didn't like them. I have dry eyes and so contacts would always tear and not be very comfortable. I bet the have changed since then but I have to say I am a no hassle kind of gal when it comes to my vision. I could and I know most people would do the lasik thing. NO WAY not me!!! The thought of a laser at my eyes just freaks me out!!! I hate getting the glaucoma test done. There is no way I could sit and have them do lasix on me! I will stick to my handy dandy frames. I have never had a problem wearing them. I "Have" to see....I just can't stand the whole world being out of focus. I an not so vain as to give up my vision for the sake of vanity.
4. My computer....Yes I have had a time when I had to live without it. It was a very long and lonely month. Funny how it can become ones life line to the outside world. Seeing as though I have a pretty boring life and well a pretty non exisitence personal life I have to chat with friends some how. It keeps me from going completely batty....might keep me from getting stuff done around the house but heck who would rather go and do dishes when they can chat with friends and find new scrappin' supplies one "has" to have ;o)

I think these are the top 4 things.... I guess I could name a few more...without all the details....

shoes...I am not a barefoot kind of girl
car ....I hate the idea of not being able to come and go as I might want


Radona said...

ditto the coffee! and hey, i have glaucoma and guess what, you adjust really fast to the tests. I have to go every 3 months now, was every 3 weeks. and I won't wear contacts or get lasix either! glasses are just fine for me!

ditto the shoes too, no barefeet here!

Amy said...

Oh yes, caffine is a MUST!!! I choose to take mine in the form of Pepsi, but to each his own ;)