April 7, 2006

A Storm is a brewin'

Well the storm season has begun here in Indy...Time to be sure you have your windows up before leaving the car because you never know what the weather will be like 20 mins later. To me it seems like it has gotten here early. Maybe it was the thunderstorm that we had that came thru in that was odd!!! There are tornado warnings south of us and the news has been going on and on about them for the last hour or so. So far not near us. You can hear the thunder rolling though and thank goodness we haven't gotten the golfball size hail that some areas have !!

On a brighter note....Today I got to meet up with one of my dear Willow Trader friends Sarah!! She is such a sweet and generous person. I sooo wished she still lived down near me. I am amazed by the concidences when we meet on Willow Traders. Turns out she is from Greenwood...which is really close to me. We had a great lunch at Steak n' Shake and then hit the LSS near my house! It was a great afternoon.....even with my rugrats taggin' along. The behaved pretty darn good considering there was no play area for them.

Well...that's all for now...we have a tornado warning being talked about on the news now and a Huge gust of wind just came thru! Gotta love the Indiana weather.....times like this I will take the CA earthquakes over tornados anytime! Posted by Picasa

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