April 29, 2006


and being sick and SUPER busy doesn't not help in this equation! So here it is Saturday night and I have a sink full of dishes that need to be done. Oh what I wouldn't do to have a real dishwasher...instead of me..the human dishwasher! Really it looks worse than what it actually is. The sink mostly has the large steak n' shake cups that I like to use for ice water. You would think with hating to do dishes I would use just one cup but nope...nine times out of ten I get my water and set it down someplace. I then don't know where and don't look and just get a new cup of water. The past week I have felt like I cannot get ENOUGH water. I know its from the fact my allergies have kicked in on top of getting sick. Ever since moving to Indiana I am now lucky enough to have allergies. Once a year I get this same thing starts with a scratch throat for a day or two then moves to my voice. I sound like voice is a lot deeper thats for sure. Nothing beats it is...especially the itchy eyes and sneezy that goes with it. Then with all the runny around I have done this week. I got a double whammy. Last night I finally came in for a crash landing. First time all week that we came straight home from work/daycare. Days like this I am glad the boys are little and dinner is low key...mac n' cheese and nuggets low key. While they were running around buring energy off in the back yard with Snoopy I crashed and napped on the sofa....and did so all night! Got Riley to bed and Jarod was watching his cartoons and well...I became one with the sofa. I ended up sleeping all night but finally got up long enough to stumble in my bed around midnight. Today, Saturday I woke up at 730am with Riley but just laid low all day...I haven't got dressed at all today. I did get my teeth brushed and my hair so that was something :) I have to say I love days like this and so do the boys! Its nice to just veg all day. We have done WAY too much running around this past week. Even Riley took a really long nap to catch up on his sleep.
There was a low point to the day. I have been looking into adopting a new dog...a small add to the family. I had found the perfect dog for us.. a boston terrier. Our 2 neighbors have one along with anoter friend and the boys love them! the are great dogs and great with kids. They are playful and love to play fetch. Snoopy is a great dog but he is spoiled and is good for about five mins of fetch and then he wants to go back to bed. We were supposed to go and see the dog and possibly take him home if we liked him. Its was all a go....that was until I went to call for the directions on where he was. The man now isn't returning my calls. He called me yesterday morning but I was in a meeting. I must have called him 10 times yesterday trying to get with him....get the idea i really wanted him! I called the woman today with the resuce place I have been talking with about him. She was going to try her hand at it and see if she could reach him. I really hope this doesn't fall thru but I have to say its not looking hopefully.....dang!!! I was really excited about this! I know the boys would have love it!! I am glad I didn't tell them yet...they would have been sooo disapointed. Keep your fingers crossed we hear something. I think Snoopy would have LOVED to have a new friend! Posted by Picasa

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