June 16, 2006


So here it is a hot summer day (thank goodness the humidity wasn't too bad) and I decided to get one of my all time favorite treats a Wendy's Frosty. Don't know what the secret is about these but they totally hit the spot~ So anyways I go and order my frosty at the drive thru. As I take the lid off I see I have been jipped!! What is it nowadays that they don't fill the cups to the top anymore! We are not talking a lil' bit here but more like 1.5-2" from the top short!!! It got my stinking mad...because this has been happening to me a lot lately. Not just with Frostys, Starbucks does the same thing and that really pisses me off..Hello!!! If I am paying 2 bucks for a cup of coffee you better darn near fill it to the top, I don't care if your leaving room for cream or not! I don't need 2" of cream in my coffee!

On a happy more positive note summer is just around the can I tell???? Fireflies are out already! it looks like this might be a great year for them! Last weekend is when I say the first ones of summer. Tonight as I went outside to let Max out I saw a ton more! Its sooo totally cool to look out and see the lil' blips of light as they fly around. The trees in my backyard look like they have twinkle lights in them....soooo totally cool!

Tomorrow its "errand day!" whooppey! Nothing quiet beats running to the post office, LSS and the possibly to brave walmart or petsmart with 2 boys in tow. Should make for a fun filled day :)


Shannon said...

I hope you bought a Vera Bradley purse on your "errand" day! Ha! :) I know... I am so naughty!!!

Amy said...

I always loved seeing fireflys when visiting my grandparents back East, it's not something we get here in CA.