June 10, 2006

Boys will be boys

It's pictures like this that remind me just
how great it is to have boys!! You never have to worry about how their hair looks or if what they are wearing is considered "cool" or not. It's just all out boys being boys....complete with silly goofy faces that cause me to crack up every time I see them. Today I took the "boys" to the zoo. My boys along with Jarods best friend Alex. Alex has been Jarods friend since preschool. They went to Kindergarten together and even though they now are in different schools they talk or get together and have fun with each other, just being themselves. It's pictures like this that I hope one day Jarod and Alex to look at hopefully when they are seniors in high school. I can see them laughing and remembering the great times they have had as friends. When I was a kid we moved around a lot....and I mean A LOT!!! I made freinds but never any real long lasting friendships. I attended several different elementary schools in different cities. The same was said for high school. I don't want this for my boys. One of the things I love about our lil' town is the "small town" feel to it. I love hearing of all the open houses that go on for graduating seniors. I can't wait for this to happen to my boys. I love how everyone seems to know everyone. The sense of community and family runs strong here. I plan on having Jarod and Riley at the same elementary, jr high and high school in this town. I want them to be able to experience long lasting friendships. To look back and remember the times they shared in first grade and then have in there senior year of high school as well.
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Amy said...

Those pics are priceless, and made me laugh because boys are so foreign in our house...we don't get that degree of silliness!

shirley said...

Awesome pictures!! I too love having boys, well, most of the time!!

Hope all is well on your weight loss journey too!!

Shannon said...

How precious!! Those memories are to be cherished always!!