June 5, 2006

Snapshot Saturday...a few days late ;o)

All is good when Toy Story is one. This is definately all time favorite movie. I can remember being soooo happy to finally find a video that would keep his attention for more than 5 mins....that wasn't the Wee Wee's aka The Wiggles. Toy Story is just pure joy when your a boy. Theres cowboys, army men, slinky dogs and of course your handy dandy space Ranger. Buzz is the way to go all the way. All is good in the world when you have the likes of Buzz Lightyear defending the universe.

So in my typical fashion I decide to move my scrap area .....yet again! I had it in the living room and really did like it there. Just the concept of "taking" over our small family room with all my scrap stash did seem like a good idea after all when I started thinking of shelves I would like to put on the walls. Soo I moved my space back to my room. I figure I have the computer there why not the scrap stuff since they seem to go hand in hand least in my world. With my flat screen montior this really works. I am still getting things tweeked just so. I NEED to paint the darn room. I mean hello!! Come Aug we will have lived here 2 years and I still have the pathetic cheap flat paint on the walls. Since Max shredded my quilt to smitherins I am going to have to get me a new blanket/comforter come winters. Once I find the right own I can then think colors to paint.

I had been doing really good with and logging my food intake and water. Over the weekend I totally slacked off. I found I have been nibbling here and there but not as bad as I was. I have been doing really great about the fast food. Since Jarod is having to take his lunch for camp daily I make a lunch for me too. Saturday I went grocery shopping with list in hand. WOW!!! that really is the way to go when you have kids in tow! I got what I needed without buying a bunch of junk and get this we are eating better because of it. Jarod is liking the lunches I am making and so am I. I am eating fruits and some veggies daily!! Imagine that!!?? tomorrow I am going to try to make my own hummus and use it as a dip for veggies and maybe to go as a spread with my lunch roll ups I am making .Hopefully it works! I made stuffed shells for dinner tomorrow! All I have to do when I get home is pop them in the oven to warm up. And get this.....the sink is clean! Wow what is the world coming too :D
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Amy said...

Cinderella seems to be the "attention getter" movie in our house! Gotta love that 60 minutes or so of relative quiet LOL So impressed with the "diet" progress you're making, you go girl!!

Shannon said...

You go girl!!! The grocery shopping and cooking and veggies and fruit!! You rock!! Keep it up!!! Hugs!

Rachel said...

Great pic of the captivation of Toy Story! Keep up the good work.

shirley said...

great snapshot! You are doing awesome tracking your food and water!! Keep it up!