April 14, 2007

Show me those muscles!

Now how this for muscles!! Took both of the boys today to get there hair cut. Boy were they in need of it! I decide to get them the "summer" cut even though it's the middle of April and we still are having cold weather. Tommorow they say we should have SNOW!! Who heard of snow in the middle of April!! Abusurd I tell you but not at all surprising especially since last weekend for Easter Sunday we hunted for easter eggs with snow flurries going on!
Today I decided to start blogging again. I didn't realize just how much journalling I have when I blog. For some reason I do much better when I type than having to sit and actually write it all down. I think maybe its because I can almost type and fast as I think...and I sure can't write that fast :)
Today I quit my job but I star my new one on Monday. Its a bit scary because of the circumstances that I was hired but exciting at the same time. It feels great to know that people think so highly of your work to tell a business owner about it. Then to have that owner track you down and tell you he will do whatever I want to come work for him.....within reason ;) I am excited about it. The company and the owner remind me a lot of my job I had in CA before I moved here. They were some great people to work for. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to possibly work for another company like that. I really do love doing office managemnet/administrative. It is like the best of all worlds. I get to work with customers and develope great relationships that help grow the business, problem solve, multi task, be a team player and help my coworkers when they really need it. All while using my brain to find solutions for not always the easiest stituation. While I am going to REALLY miss several of the guys from my old job I know that I really needed to do this for me. When you don't enjoy your work enviroment and the people in the office are not on the same page/game plan you might are it really doesn't work out to be the most positive and effection situation.
Anyways....Stay tuned for a few more pics from the last few weeks!

This was from our backyard! Jarod thought he would find the pot of gold there!!!

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