June 6, 2007

They grow too fast!!

Where does the time go! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing this lil' man home. I can't believe Riley is four years old already...not to even think about graduating Preschool! I like to think that this was just a test run since he isn't starting kindergarten in the fall. Because of his birthday he won't go to kindergarten until the fall of 2008. The good thing is the state just pass all day kindergarten. Yipppee! While I know Riley is one smart cookie I also know that he is one STUBBORN and HEADSTRONG kid! I just pray that he has good teachers that know how to bring out the best in him. I just cringe at the calls I am going to get from school. I know they are inevitiable. I can hear it now....Jarod was never like this. I just know I am going to get a call about Riley pulling the fire alarm or something :lol: This kid however has an imagination and creativity I believe will take him far! Its all about the way you approach him. While he can be a handful he is one of the most loyal kids I know. I don't worry about him and Jarod. They have such a wonderful realtionship. The are like black and white but the also compliment each other. I know they will be looking out for each other. I have always wished them to have a close knit bond and so far they. Do. Now mind you that there aren't days they want to clobber each other they always end up being friends. Brothers is a given but Friends is a blessing!

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