June 22, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new!

Today I finally got to walk away from what so far has been one of the worse jobs I have had since I have become an adult. I say the worse not so much as the job but more the workplace itself. Old run down and dirty are understatements to say the least. What have I NOT take a job until you see where it is your working. It would also have been nice if as employees we could do a background check on the employer...Why the heck not??? They can do it to us. They best part of this scenario is that it lead me to the job I hope to be "THE JOB" for me. I start on Monday and I am super excited. There was a great feeling when I went on that interview and last week was the longest week ever waiting to hear if I got it or not. I was on cloud nine Friday when I finally heard the words "you are the one for the job!" So this week I have been running around doing all the pre employement requirements. However what fun would it be to have things run smoothly this week. Last Saturday morning in the attempts to get on Nick Jr. for games the computer decided to crash.....and Crash it the tune of a fried hard drive. I had a strong feeling that this was the case when I couldn't get it back up. So $264.54 later I have a new hard drive.....but they were unable to save any of the files from it! I have learned my lessons about this a few times before and had a lot of stuff backed up that I really wanted. But of course there has to be another nick in the armor of life....I didn't have any pics backed up since Jan. So both of the boys birthday pics are gone :( No batman caribbean cove pics :( Hopefully the boys don't disown me for missing 6months worth of pics....with all the other 100's I have taken maybe they won't even notice ;o) Being the optimist I like to think of things at least I have a new hard drive to go with the new job ;o)

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