June 30, 2007


I thought I had lost all my pictures from this year when my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago. I was pretty ok with it until it dawned on me that meant I lost birthday pictures for the boys. I thought of the awesome cake Riley had for his birthday as well as for Jarod. Every year I get a cake at Sugar Mammas Emily has always made some fantastic cakes!! They taste delish and I think are a total deal for the what she does. Then I thought of Jarod and his birthday. Again how this was a real bummer because we went someplace really fun for his birthday at Caribbean Cove . Today as I was putting pictures in this birthday album I made for Riley from a great class Brenda Carpenter does at Scrap Room. I discovered I did have a back up cd from Jan thru March of this year!! Whooo hooo!!! I went and checked it out on the computer and found I had the pics for both boys birthdays! I was sooo excited because I also found that I now pretty much have all the pics I lost. I was pretty good about backing up my pics just in case something like this would happen. So today I spent fiddle a bit with my scrap goodies and getting some stuff done. The boys just hung out watching cartoons and pestering each other throughout the day. This definately has been a lazy day!!! It's nice to just do nothing on the weekends especially with the running around we do during the week.
Last night we hit the movies and saw Ratatouille ...This was such a cute movie!! I have a feeling it is going to end up on our shelf in a few months. Riley had to work really hard this last week in order to go. He has been having major meltdowns and tantrums thats seem to be triggered by the time change. He just doesn't want to go to sleep and stays up too late, gets up too early and thus the monster emerges. :D Good thing to report is that it seems we are over that hurdle because he has done great this week with no tantrums or meltdowns....YEEEHAW!!!

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