June 10, 2007

We brought home bronze!

The kids and I went to the family olympics our church had. It was so much fun to laugh and play the games with the boys. I was shocked that I was able to do the pony back ride had to carry your kid on your back and run back and forth ....THREE TIMES!!!! (if you didn't have 3 kids you carried one twice.) I am telling you I did not think I would be able to pull that off. I did though....and we didn't finish last either or fall down!! :lol: We did bring home the bronze 3 place medal for the stuffed animal toss. I wa suprised yet again by this one. I was the only mom in the top three. Seemed like most of the moms left it up to the dads to play the games. The weather was great because it was warm and overcast but not scorching hot or humid like it can be even at the start of summer.
Tomorrow I go for a job interview. Hopefully this will work out. It's close to home and is a solid corporation company. Best thing...they have benefits! Whoooo the deciding factor is if they like me enough and can pay me what I need. Fingers crossed. My small group has been praying for me and well we have a pretty good record when it comes to prayer request. Another women just got a new job so hopefully this will work out. My current place I just can't see working out which is a bummer. I hate changing jobs as much as I do moving. I know though that it is God's will so I will just have to be paitent and go where he leads me.

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shirley said...

How fun! The family olympics is an awesome idea!

Best of luck to you on your job interview!!