September 2, 2007

End of Summer

Summer has finally ended here and we are starting to fall back into a routine again. I have been working hard or getting organized and better equipped to having 2 kids in soccer. I started making menus and grocery shopping with lists to make the trips faster...and more cost efficient. So far it has been a great success. I come home from work and know what I am going to make for dinner. I know I have everything I will need to get a good dinner on the table that the boys will eat. Finding meals that everyone likes is always half the battle not to mention recipes that will work for a family of 3...with 2 being under the age of 10. I found I really love my cookbook Desperation Dinners it has great recipes that can be completed in 20 mins or less...REALLY they can!! While I love Rachel Ray and her 30min meals most of them are not appealing to my "customers". Along with shopping and menu planning I finally got a system in order that I can track my spending and see exactly where my money is going. And lastly I keep a calendar on the computer as well as carrying with me to help keep things under control. I had problems getting microsoft calendar to print on the computer so I looked on line for a good one that was free. Once again Mozilla came to the rescue with Sunbird. Gosh I just love Mozilla and all the programs they have to offer. I also then had to download Thunderbird. I am still fiddling with this one. The greatest thing about all that they are all FREE!! This mom loves all things free!

So with all this organizing and getting things in order I am taking this over to my creative side as well. I signed up to takes Shimelle's Today I learned Something New class. It is looking to be a great fun class where I can take a few minutes each day to get back into my creative side. Fall and Winter are usually the times I find I get creating more. The cooler weather and not so many activities finds us staying at home and just "hanging" out more. It feels good to get creating..

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