September 2, 2007

Take me out to the Ballgame!!

Today Jarod and I went to the last home game of the Indianapolis Indian's. Unfortunately they lost 3-1 but it was great fun for us. I really enjoyed sharing the game with Jarod and explaining parts of the game to him. Good thing I know a bit about baseball as does he. He really enjoyed the game. Victory Park is a fantastic stadium and is very family oriented that's for sure!! The prices are reasonable enough that you don't need to take a second out on your house in order for your family to enjoy at day at the ball park. Next year we will take Riley as well...I just didnt' think he would sit thru the game without getting totally bored and have a "meltdown". Downtown turned out to be VERY busy with Ribfest going on at White River Park. With the huge crowds it was a good thing really that Riley didn't come. There were just soo many people. I would have been worried sick trying to keep track of him in the crowd.
It's pretty amazing to see the progress of the Colts new stadium!! I can't believe how close it is getting to be completed. When you see it next to the current stadium you can see exactly how much BIGGER this new one is going to be!

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