November 18, 2007

Bad bad blogger I am....

I am such a bad blogger.....but at least I can make up for it with a bunch of cute pics of few things we have done in the last month. Halloween came and went but the boys were both REALLY happy with the costumes they chose. Jarod looked AWESOME as Harry Potter. I think because of his age and the "studious" look he gets with those glasses really sold it. Much to our surprise he won 2nd place at the contest at church. We weren't even trying for this. Jarod is working on book 5....I am still floored that he started reading these just this year in school. That a lot of pages for a 3rd grader to read in about 3 months!
Yesterday we started the yearly ritual of raking leaves. Seems like the leaves fell all at once this year. Unfortunately there are still a good amount on the trees in our yard. I have a feeling next weekend we will do a repeat performance of yesterday. I need to get another rake so that both boys can help me ;o) Riley really had a blast raking and jumping in the piles.

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