December 15, 2007


Yes this mess is how I can create a cute desk calendar for KK as a Christmas gift. I love looking at this chaos and then see that I create pages and projects with clean line. I hate to say it but actually the mess ended up being worse than this picture shows. I think my final work area equaled about a 7" square area...and that is because it's the size of the pages I was working one. I just finished the last page/month tonight. I really am happy with the way it turned out. I am thinking of possibly making some kind of little planner to carry with me instead of my day timer. I don't really use my day timer to it's full potential. I am more of a note jotter. I just jot down things I need to do, numbers, directions, notes to myself. I would be better off just carrying a little notebook that has the current month so I can jot an appt or reminder for the day and then carry phone numbers. Really with having a cell phone I use that as my address book. Earlier this week I stumbled across Papertrey Ink....OMG I love all the stamps/projects that Nicole Heady posts. I was sooo inspired by her creativity that I placed an order to make another gift. It should hopefully be here Monday!!!

I keep thinking that I don't have enough presents for the boys for Christmas. I feel like I need to get them more but I know that really is crazy. They do have some GREAT gifts that I think they are really going to go crazy about. I need to get some little things to fill a certain something ;) I should have did that last night but I ended up going shopping after work and had my boots (with a heel to them) on. Even though I looked put together my toes were protesting with all the walking around the store in the same shoes I have worn all day. I piddled out around 9 o'clock and headed home.

We are having a "Winter Weather Watch/Warning". The weathermen have been talking for the last several days about getting a bunch of snow and some "severe" weather. Even though I have lived in Indy only 5 years I have learned that most of the time they predict horrible weather coming ...90% of the time it pidders out to be a big hoopla for nothing. The radio was going on about the "Blizzard" condition that was to come. So far all we got was about a whopping 1" of snow and some rain. tems are supposedly dropping tonight to make for some icy/freezing conditions. Seeing as I have been inside since about 10:30am this morning I haven't seen or felt it. The boys had a bit of fun playing out side in it. I actually hope for a bit more snow tomorrow so they can play some more in it.

Tonight I broke out the sugar and sprinkles and did a bit of baking/candy making for work and the mailman. I might leave a little care package for a few ladies at church.

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emelyn said...

Heather!! I love your calendar pages....WAAYYYY too cute, girl! I think I need to do something like that, LOVE it!!