December 9, 2007

Mmmmm good!

Nothing beats the house smelling yummy on a cold dreary Sunday morning. I finally picked up all the ingredients I needed to make some cranberry scones. I found the recipes at All Recipes . I love this site, it's become my go to place for any recipe that I need. I actually have decided to make a recipe box to hold all these little treasures. Think that might be my project today.

Yesterday I worked on a calendar for a Christmas gift. I just need to do December and then I will be done! I have not been very motivated on creating gifts because the mojo just wasn't happening. Yesterday I at least felt I had some if it starting to peek thru. The boys got to play outside for just a bit in the snow we got the other day but unfortunately it was more melted but there was still enough to make a good snowball or two :)

Riley is bouncing off the walls full of energy that he needs to burn off. Today it is wet and raining and actually startedpouring a bit ago. I am hoping that we might get cleaned up and head out to see Santa later. Maybe with all this rain there won't be much of a crowd. It will be interesting to see how Riley responds to Santa. Typically he is not to fond of strangers and does not approach them willing. Jarod is just chillin' on the couch curled up playing his Nintendo DS. Riley I can hear has moved into his room where he is partaking in jumping on his bed! Lil' bugger!! I just pick my battles with him...and heck it will help him burn some of that energy off.

On Thursday Jarod had his Christmas program at school. I was really surprised when he came home and told me he was going to be the "Announcer"!! He was first on the stage and introduced the "band". They were doing a skit about "Elfis" :) The children put on a great show and they all remembered their lines!! Family and freinds really enjoyed the perfomance and got a good laugh when at the end of the program after the curtains closes you hear Jarod go "Ladies and Gentlemen....Elfis has left the building!"

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