December 1, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Too bad that the tree is missing ornaments from about a foot down because of this little rascal! Macaroni loves the tree and I have to admit its cute the way he plays with it but our decorations are taking a beating because of it. The fiber optic Santa we have that sits under the tree has been "attacked" a few times to say the least. Never a dull moment with this little character around.

Riley is very much into Christmas this season. he loves watching the holiday shows that was have watched so far.... home alone, the grinch stole christmas (original version...thanks you very much) and the favorite Polar Express. I made an advent calendar with a cute lil' gingerbread man that he gets to move each day. Tomorrow we are making some easy cookies/candies. Jarod is excited to say the least too. he wants nothing more than a Wii. I am hoping that Santa will be able to work his magic for him. I have to work Christmas Eve which is a bummer. I am hoping that we will be done early. I want to go down to Momument Circle and see the lights like we did last year with grandma. This is a tradition I want to continue. Last year was the first so it we have to start someplace. this time I am going to bring hot chocolate for us because last year it was coooold and we all wish we had a big hot mug full to warm our bellies with.
I pulled out my paper, stamps and goodies and have started on a few gifts I want to make. I got as far as making a mess then pooped out. The overtime that I had to do last night for work and then having to go in today also wore me out! Riley came and was getting into everything and I started getting cranky and crabby so I had to just walk away before I went and lost my temper. Jarod is all curled up on the sofa watching harry potter and the chamber of secrets. he is really into since he has become quite the avid harry potter reader. he has read books 1-4 and is almost done with 5.....the amazing part....he started reading them in Sept!!! I am just amazed by this and the fact he is only 8, in the 3rd grade!

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