March 29, 2008

Another month almost done

No, I didn't forget how to get to my blog. I have good intentions with this darn thing. I tell myself
that if I blog..they will come, but seriously I think I am the only one that reads or visits this darn thing.Oh wells least I have some lil' notes, tibdits, insights to what my life is like on any given day....well that is if i have blogged about it ;o) What is the say...March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb??? Well it sure has in our house. I cannot believe how fast this month has flown by. Jarod celebrated his 9th birthday. Yup you guessed it hockey was involved ;) I took him and his friend Colton to see our minor league hockey team the Indiana Ice. We had GREAT 3 rows back behind the goal good! After the game there was a meet and greet where the players came out and gave autographs. Jarod was super excited to be a part of this. He was able to get his favorite player Ben Blood, yes this is his REAL name...very appropriate for a hockey player don'tcha think ;o). We learned that Ben shares the same birthday as Jarod only he is 10yrs older. We had an idea this kid was big but when I saw him in person WOW was I right...granted he did have his skates on still but I went to the roster and saw he was listed at 6'4 220lbs!! Jarod is tall for his age...but not that tall!! It turned out to be real fun night! We came home after the game...which naturally they won...Oh and there was even a big fight during the 2nd period so that totally made the night 100 times better....and ate some super yummy cake from Sugar Mama's . This has become our family tradition for birthday cakes for the boys. I think I might get me a cake there for my birthday this year....I wonder what she could do with bees???
Today I am offically on vacation...a much needed vacation. It's been over a year and a half since I took one, the down side of getting a new job. I am sooo glad to have this vacation. I really needed it to get the house back into some kind of order. I started going to the gym at the beginning of the month and have done a great job of sticking to a 3x a week schedule. Only real down side I have found with this is the house and my chores have totally gone out the window. By the time I work all day, get the kids, feed the kids, change and head out the door to the gym which takes about a hour total. When I get home not only am I tired from working out ...I am tired from working and have no energy to do anything else. The non gym days I play catch up on doing things I should have done on the days I am at the gym. I am hoping that this next week I can get some kind of order established. The house is in shambles and my world is a bit of chaos...and I don't like chaos. My house looks like the aftermath of tornado went thru. I need to get laundry done, dusting, vacum and find a solution for all the books I took out of my storage cubes that I gave to Jarod for his room. I need to get started because week after next I register Riley for kindergarten...OH I am still trying to get adjusted to that!! I know the phone call for soccer is coming any day now. Once that starts I will have two practices that will need to get worked into the schedule not to mention games on Saturday (some double headers!) and Sunday school craft class on Sunday! Sheesh no wonder I feel tired!!! See how I got the name bizzy bee ;)
Tomorrow is the last home game for the Ice....might see about getting tickets for the boys and I. I know next season we will DEFINATELY be to more games! I have gotten hooked on hockey!
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*~Annette~* said...

Love that cake!!!! And yes... boys. Nothing is sacred in the house, is it?

Anonymous said...

That cake is adorable! Happy birthday Jared!

Jeanette said...

What an awesome cake!!!!!!!!!