March 1, 2008

Saturday fun

I have been a bad blogger but that hasn't stopped me from still taking pictures. I have been trying to focus on doing fun things with the boys that are low cost but full of fun memories for them. Today Jarod and I attended "Kids in the Kitchen" it was a great event put together by the Indianapolis Jr League. I have to admit whenever I think of Jr League visions of upper class women planning teas and luncheons pop into my head. This was not anything like that. Everyone was very freindly and helpful. We were at the Ruth Lily Health Education Center where they were focusing on good healthy eating and exercise for kids. I thought this would be more kids cooking but it was educational and still fun. We went to different rooms where we learned about different aspects of healthly living.
One of the areas was exercising. This is something I am happy to say I know my boys do. Jarod has really become very active and athletic in the last few years. He was thrilled when he heard that the guest speaker for this area was an actual coach for the Indianapolis Colts!!! Robert Hallman is the asst strength coach for the Colts. He took the kids thru some great warm ups....some things I never seen but are soo simple and make perfect sense. Jarod had thought these would be good for before soccer and basketball games...I think he was right ;)

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