March 30, 2008


I have been wanting to try doing this when I first heard about it. I thought Jarod would love it and it would make a great way to go exploring. Riley would have fun following behind his big brother. When I first read about it I told Jarod and he didn't seem that interested. Today I printed the direction for one that was close to grandma and grandpa house and we went to see what we could find. It was a success! Even though we didn't find the first one Jarod was hooked. We went and printed directions for a few more. We did find our first one today at Pioneer Park but didn't have much luck at the other. Because of all the rain we had the ground was really muddy and not very exploring friendly. The boys had fun though and thats what matters. Riley was a bit tired but he tagged along. I think tomorrow we are going to go find a few more....that are in cemeteries. I think this would be cool! I have the camera in hand for our expedition. First I have to get the spring cleaning I started done! The house is in complete shambles right now. So off I go....gotta get crackin'

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