April 1, 2008

I am such a sucker for a cute face!

It was Sunday afternoon and I was in my folks kitchen when my cellphone rang. "You know that stupid dog you got?" ...Yes I admit I refer to Max as the stupid dog. Really he's not stupid just very how shall I say....High Maintance. He has to be in the center of things and follows me around. Yes...just like a little lost puppy. Some days it just drives me insane. GIVE ME SOME SPACE for cryin' out loud. My dad goes on...Well I am at the Clinic (he does a lot of work for a Vet here in town) and Rick,the groomer, has this dog that someone brought in to be groomed. Dominque original owner was an elderly lady. I think she had to go to a nursing home I am not positive though. Anyways her "friend" and I use this term loosely...said he would take Dom. I guess he changed his mind. Not sure how long he had Dom only that now he shows up to have her groomed and then goes to on that wants to put her down. The typical she messed on the carpet, he can't deal with it..yadda, yadda, yadda ...Good thing my mom and dad didn't think that about me when I was a baby...I didn't get the nickname as an infant from my mom for nothing. Lets just say it has something to do with Penelope and frequency of my bowel movements :D
.So now Rick has this dog that is in need of a home and my dad thinks of us. So I head over...didn't say a word about it to the boys because I know it would have been a given she would have come home with us even if she had 3 legs and 2 tails. Once I saw her and that cute face I was done for. She was such a sweet dog. Very laid back and easy much like our beloved Snoopy was. She just wanted some love and attention. I know that we could do that. She's not a spring chicken ..Doc Bob puts her to be around 8-10 (definately not the 15 the guy was saying she was). She's in good health...and so here we are Tues. after a once over and a few tests....and 75 bucks later we have a Dom...I think Dom is a lot easier to say than the mouthful Dominique...who knows it may stick or not. Max seems very happy to have another canine friend around. Macaroni isn't quite sure what to make of her as she is hiding under my bed. Give it a few hours...and I think she too will come around ;) The boys are happy...and actually they are about to take Max and Dom out for a walk.
Soo tell me .....could you pass up a face like this and a tale of woe that came with her ;)
And did you notice...even Max was smiling ;)

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