April 20, 2008

A first....

Last week was sooo busy that it was a blur! I wanted to jot a quick note about this pics before I forgot but haven't been able to get around to it. I thought I better do so before I forgot. Last Sunday I took the boys to Wendys for dinner. Riley took the typical 5yr approach to opening the toy for his happy meal and ripped into the plastic bag with his teeth. After doing so he complained and started crying that it hurt. I thought that he was having a lil' drama king drama he is so known for having. A few minutes go by and he is still talking about it. Upon further inspection I found his bottom tooth was very loose!!! His first tooth was soon to be gone! Jarod being the good big brother he is thought this was a great opportunity to "help" the tooth along. At first Riley wasn't too keen on the idea of letting Jarod wiggle and twist it. Finally he did come around and for the next few days he would let Jarod "work it" by Weds it was pretty darn loose!! Before lunch Weds he, Riley, was able to pull the little bugger out! He looks so cute and he is so proud of his toothless grin. Jarod was hoping that perhaps he might of lost it when they ate hot dogs after soccer practice on Tues. Thats how Jarod lost his first tooth...took a bite into a hot dog...only to discover the tooth gone and left in the hot dog! Gosh when I think of that it seems just like yesterday....not the almost 4yrs it has been! Where does the time go!!

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