June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!

My dad really is the greatest!! He is one of the best dads a kid could ask for. I have become such a better person because of if only I could budget my money better. I definately learned that...or lack there of from my mom. Anywhoos The boys and I headed over to have a simple dinner of hot dogs, brats, cole slaw and potato salad. After dinner Igot to witness truly a memory in the making. Somehow card tricks came up in conversation between Riley and Pop Pop. Next think you know Pop Pop is pulling out a deck of cards to show Riley a few card tricks. Wasn't but a minute or two Jarod joined in...the brothers against Pop Pop. It was such fun just sitting there watch the three of them playing card games with each other and doing a bit of male bonding. It was such a precious moment....only I yearned to have a camera to take a few pics to capture the moment on film. It was so sweet...I loved how Riley ducked under the table to try and see the "card pass thru the table" in one of the tricks Pop POp had up his sleeve :) It was soo cool to get to watch it all unfold.

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