June 9, 2008

here we go again...

It's 10:45 pm and it is pouring down rain...AGAIN!!! Sheesh is there an end to the madness anytime soon. The people down south have had way more than their share. News is comparing this to the flood of 1913 or something like that. It's beyond enough rain already!

Great news though....Jarod made the travel soccer team!! Now comes the scramble to cover the fees and uniform by the 19th. If there's a will there's a way. The boy is way to excited to say sorry no can do! Soo it's top ramen and mac and cheese for the next month :lol: They probably wouldn't mind. ;) I need to get a head start on how the schedule is going to work with this. Another good news... I am soooo excited that the new Walmart is opening this week!! It will be only a a 5-10 min drive for us now rather than the 30 mins or so!! Whoo hoo I am sooo excited about this! I think we will brave the crowds early Sat morning to do some grocery shopping! Is is pathetic to be excited over a Walmart opening ;)

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