June 7, 2008

What's a little rain.....

Nothing really unless your talking about 6" in a matter of a few hours!
This here is a neighbors yard just down the street from us.
This is from my garage...when it was "letting up" Last night yet ANOTHER thunderstorm come rolling through. We had very bad thunder and lightining which I will take over the high winds that lead to tornados anytime. It woke me up at around 630 am. Downpour is a understatement to say the least! Around 103oam it finally had stopped so I thought we would take a quick trip out to see what the soccer fields looked like. We were there Weds for travel tryouts only to have them postponed because yet another storm was coming (not that the one that came the night before and dropped a good 5-6" wasn't enough). At first we met at the upper fields because the fields we normally play were flood. We ended up having to go down that way to use the restroom. When I saw the field I was totally amazed at just how much rain there was down there. The lil' creek nearby had flooded and well you couldn't see much in the way of grass but more like a giant pond with soccer goals sticking out. Here is what it looked like today. On Weds when we saw it last it was during another DOWNPOUR that we were lucky enough to experience in hopes it would "blow over" and tryouts could continue. Thursday we had no rain (at least not like this!) or Friday (this current storm came thru about 2-3am this morning) On Weds...what you see hear...the majority of the green on the field was all covered in water!!! I would guess the water must be about a good 6-8" deep.
Here is the "creek" that is right behind the trees on the back side of the soccer field. Typically this creek is maybe only 1-2 feet at the DEEPEST! Well as you can see that's hardly the case today!
If you were to go to the left you would be walking over the covered bridge that goes over the above creek. I just can see my flip flops left behind because I kept losing them in all the waters ;)
I am so very thankful we didn't have any damage in our neighborhood. There was high water and a bit of flooding on the street. The easement behind our house had good 2-3" of water rushing through it. Once the rain stopped they water had a bit of a chance to flow where it is supposed to. There are several roads that have been washed out and actually our county is one of several that has been deemed a disaster area. Watching the news and seeing flooding in a hospital of all places, and seeing families having to be evacuated to shelters because of the damage makes me feel so very grateful that it wasn't us!


Tana said...

Holy Cow! That is a lot of rain. And I'm from Oregon! Amazing that you didn't have any damage. Great photos though

Michelle said...

WOWzeRS that is ALOT of rain!!glad you didn't get any damage Heather!looks like any more rain you could of used a row boat!!

stacy said...

Yikes! Look at all that water! Great photos!