June 29, 2008

Just another saturday

The kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda...Oh my gosh that is a funny movie! I really loved it. One certain 5 yr old had ants in his pants which seems to be typical for him most of the time we go to the movies anymore. It's been fun going to the movies with them lately....expensive but fun....(40bucks for the 3 of us and that's matinee prices no less!! ).
Stopped by Cord after reading they had added some more good stuff to the clearance section. I seem to hit that area more than any other in the store lately. I think its the yellow 75% off stickers that call me! It is much easier to swallow buying something when it comes down to a buck seventy five over 8 bucks! I even actually sat and scrapped 2 pages tonight. I might post them later when the sun is out since its LATE here.
I pulled out my NEW...aka used...50mm lens I got off eBay on Monday. I am still trying to figure out the best settings to use and if I LOVE IT ...or just like it. I have to say the jury is still out on it. I know that having the D40 instead of the d60/d80 might of had me lovin' it a bit more. With the 40 I am missing the ability of doing stuff in auto for somethings. I have gotten some great shots with it though. I just need to take it out and use it more...
A sample for your veiwing pleasure ;)

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