June 22, 2008

Thank God Almight....I am Free at last!!

I got a private message today from a local scrapper. She saw my ad I had a Scrap Addict about stuff I was trying to sell. She wanted to know if she could come by and take a look at what I had. I told her come on down!!! What is that they say.....ones man's trash (well in this case I think hoard is a better word ;) ) is another man's treasure. She walked away with a good deal of stuff. We both were happy camper's when it was all said and done. I feel free from the weight all that "Stuff" was weighing down on me. I really did a massive purge. It was sooo great to do. Best part....I didn't have to mess with mailing stuff. This really is the way to do things if I say so myself. Who knows...maybe I made theres a chance I made a friend out of it too. I knew it would work out ...especially when I saw she had her boys there to help her. Sounds oh to familiar doesn't it :)

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emelyn said...

That is awesome, Heather!! I wish I can find someone close by who just wants to "shop" my stash! LOL!