June 2, 2008

Spring is here!!

Or should I say summer is around the corner! Last day of school was on Weds so I guess it might really be summer, even though it doesn't offically start until Jun 21. The weather has been gorgeous the last few days! The boys are loving it...every night they are outside playing with their freinds. This just makes me smile!! I remember when we moved into our house in Aug of 2004. I was worried that maybe I made a mistake with the neighborhood. It is a nice neighborhood it was just that there were no kids! There were lots of elderly people. You know the ones that raise their kids here and the kids have moved off with families of there own. I prayed that summer and every summer since that wish patience God would bring children into the neighorhood so the boys would have friends to play with. The next year they met the girl down the street that would come to visit her grandma. The following year it was the boy almost across from the girl. Well now....we have a family right across the street from us and they have 2 kids, not to mention another family next door to them. So now in the evenings and on the weekends you hear the sounds of kids outside having fun....riding their bikes or scooters, running around the neighborhood, shoot hoops, hitting balls or even playing on the playground in the backyard. This summer I feel like God has answered my prayers. The boys have lots of friends in the neighborhood to play with. I love seeing them come home all dirty and sweaty from having fun outside playing with their friends. It really makes a neighborhood come alive to hear the sounds of children playing. I just LOVE this time of year. I even went and bought the big box of ice pops for the fridge at Walmart...because it's become known that we are the house with the popsicles :) Now...the goal for the month is to get them to throw the wrapper in the trash when they are done ;) But you know how kids can be...their too busy playing to worry about being tidy :)
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Michelle said...

love that shot of your sons feet in the grass!

jamie said...

cute, cute shot!